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Precision Agriculture Technologies we Provide

Staying on top of different processes can be daunting in agriculture, but our technology is here to make farmers’ lives a whole lot easier. Discover the benefits of quickly and efficiently taking control of your production with CvigAgro.


Davis ​EnviroMonitor System

We don’t know exactly when farming began, but a good guess is that farmers have been planting, weeding, watering, and protecting food crops for about 12,000 years. And every one of those farmers knew this: it all starts with the weather. In the age of smart farming, growing decisions must be data driven. There are too many variables, and a lot to lose. EnviroMonitor and Sferic Connect offer farmers large and small the ability to create a data inflow system that not only provides raw data. but converts that data into actionable information


Davis Integrated Pest management  (IPM) & Disease Models

Modern growers have a power weapon: Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Davis has melded IPM into the Mobilize app, the Davis agricultural-focused app that uses hyper-local data direct from the Davis weather station in your fields. Mobilize provides easy step-by step screens that let you choose which crop, which sensors, and finally, which pest models you wish to see, and finally, from which sensors. Mobilize will then show you the pest risk in that specific field. The risk can be high, moderate, low or unknown. Mobilize will also show you the insect stage and the GDD accumulation, where applicable.


Pessl Disease Models

A plant disease model is a mathematical description of interactions among the environment, the host plant and the variables related to the pathogen that can lead to the development of the disease. The more advanced models are those which can predict the impact or severity of the disease and the development of inoculum. Pessl Instruments models have been developed to provide the best information possible to enable conscious decision making and use the best tools to produce more, both in terms of quantity and quality.


Pessl Insect Monitoring iSCOUT

The iMETOS iSCOUT® is an insect trap with integrated electronics, monitoring a sticky plate. Because of its low weight and being powered by a solar panel and a battery it can be hung wherever in the field needed. High resolution images of the sticky plate taken by a 10 MP camera are sent via mobile network to the FieldClimate platform where they are analyzed with AI (artificial intelligence) software. The result are photos with rectangles around the targeted insect, as well as summarized data of the daily count, sum of targets and development of insect population during the season. Insect control is real-time and the collected data can be used for further analysis. The results are visible on web and mobile devices.

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